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Create Your Own Seed Packets

If you've never collected seeds from your plants, I encourage you to give it a try this year. Perennials like lupines, poppies and delphiniums are definitely good plants to start with.
Just gather the seeds when the pods feel dry (before they burst onto the ground) and place in envelopes.
Use the seed information template I created to print your own labels (see link below).
Simply print out the labels on the corresponding paper, fill in the plant information and stick on some small envelopes.
Package them up and give away for Mother's Day or an upcoming party. Bundle a variety of seed packets together and tie with baker's twine or pretty ribbon.
Most seeds can be stored in a dry, dark and cool place for 3-5 years depending on the seed. I recommend sowing within a couple of years for best germination results.
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To see more: http://satoridesignforliving.com/2014/04/create-your-own-seed-packets/

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