Asked on Mar 31, 2018

How to fix peeling lacquer furniture?

Johnavallance82Gabrielle FalkJanet Pizaro


I have lacquer furniture. The thick coating has peeled off in spots and separated in others, usually in circular patterns. Any way to fix it?

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  • Dee
    on Mar 31, 2018

    only way I know is sand and repaint
  • Johnavallance82
    on Mar 31, 2018

    Could they be where fixing are? In so, you can stick circular disks on top (Coin)? or colour the circles with Sharpies and then varnish a number of times to bring up to smooth finish.
  • Gabrielle Falk
    on Apr 5, 2018

    Is the furniture inside, or outside furniture? I had outside furniture, under a pergola and finished the wooden trims with 'marine varnish'. No good. After about-well less than 12 months-it started to peel. And flake. So I sanded back the arms and legs etc., and used an external paint for the timber. Much better. If your have beautiful furniture that is inside your residence, maybe it would be better to employ a professional 'finisher'. Or-again, if the furniture is external; just do what I did. But if it is expensive, then maybe you would the furniture restored by a professional.
  • Johnavallance82
    on Apr 5, 2018

    The table has been damaged with circles appearing (this could be where fixings have been made in the table under the finish, If so and they are wanting to cover them up in a decorative way, then Coins or similar could be used to make a design to please, or it may be possible to colour in the table with maybe Sharpies? and Varnish over to hide.
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