Dishwasher won't drain - help!

We did our own plumbing for putting in a new kitchen sink and faucet and they work fine .The Samsung dishwasher will fill with water and wash but stops when it's time to drain the dirty water and won't start again. The manual doesn't really give much info. The dishwasher is four years old.

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  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Apr 01, 2018
    obviously call Samsung and tell them your problem. Utube is very helpful here too.
  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 01, 2018
    Pump could be broken? Or the outlet pipe be clogged?
  • Barbara Barbara on Apr 01, 2018
    Is the dishwasher drained through a new disposer? If so, check that connection.

  • Ardale Ardale on Apr 01, 2018
    Sylvia we do all our own home repairs and our little secret is all you have to do is get on YouTube and you can find what is wrong and how to repair absolutely anything in your home. My microwave us and quit last Friday right in the middle of me fixing our supper so needless to say we didn't have any baked potatoes that night. LOL After supper hubby got on YouTube and within a half and hour had figured out what our problem was with our Microwave and how to fix it. He took our microwave apart found that a door switch had gone out and we got on ebay and bought a two new door switches for under $6.50 and got our parts this past Wed. In less then a half and hour my microwave was up and running like new again. Like you we did all our own plumbing as well as built our two story home from the ground up. We do all our own repairs on everything and have saved so much money thanks to YouTube. I've even fixed my dishwasher twice myself over the 22 years I've owned it and I once fixed my dishwasher myself as well as installed a new kitchen facet and unclog our drains when needed. Give them a try and I'm sure your dishwasher will be draining like new in no time. Hope this helps!
  • Ren17936745 Ren17936745 on Apr 02, 2018
    Do you hear a motor running when you initially start the dishwasher? It should try to drain first when it starts before water put in. If no motor noise, likely is dishwasher issue. If it 'tries' to drain, then it could be plumbing -- I have a double sink and I can tell that it empties and pulls from the smaller second sink not the main with the disposal. I would re-trace the pipes and make sure you hooked up the drain line.
  • Deb K Deb K on Apr 02, 2018
    Check the drain hose, it may have a valve on it that needs to be opened
  • Kim27430068 Kim27430068 on Apr 02, 2018
    If you are installing a new dishwasher into an already installed garbage disposal then here's your issue. There is a plug hidden inside the garbage disposal where you screw in the dishwasher hose. Unscrew your dishwasher hose and poke your finger into that drain hole in garbage disposal. If your finger hits something then take a screwdriver and knock in the metal piece. Then reattach your dishwasher hose. This should fix your problem. Good luck.
  • Sylvia Sylvia on Apr 02, 2018
    Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! I checked everything in the plumbing connections and reattached it all and finally got it going through a cycle right now. Just making sure there are no leaks.
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