Asked on Apr 1, 2018

How can I paver brick over my concrete walkway?



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  • Ardale
    on Apr 1, 2018

    Yes you can and it will beautiful. But just so you know you will also have to put sealing on your grout lines yearly or they will soon start popping off if you live in an area that gets freezing temperatures. You can buy your sealing at any local hardware store and comes in either a matt finish or a shiny finish. Another beautiful option is to stain your current concrete. Hope Depot selling a great concrete stain that holds like crazy if applied correctly. It comes in so many different colors that your only problem will be picking one. It's applied with a paint roller so that's super easy as well and gives great coverage. It can also be pressure washed with no problems if you have lots of trees over your concrete like we do and tree sap falls on it. It's fade resistant as well. If your the artistic type (wish I was) you can even use more the one color and blend them on with a sponge to add depth. Best yet you never have to seal this stuff. We've had it on our patio and walkways for the last 22 years and I've only had to reapply it twice but that's mainly because we didn't prep our new concrete like we were suppose to before applying the stain. You can also easily change colors from one year to the next if you decide you don't like the color you used or just want something different. We've had many compliments on our patio and walkways over the years. If you use brick or brick pavers you will have to use concrete mortar to lay them then once dry you will have to grout. It would be a very good idea to first seal your brick or brick pavers before you grout of you will have to acid wash your entire walkway to get the mortar and mortar residue off your brick surfaces and this would probably also kill any flowers or scrubs near your concrete. Once your mortar is dry then you will have to wash your sealed bricks with water let them dry to make sure you got all the residue off then once dry again you will have to go back and seal your grout lines as well. Then each year you will have to reseal your bricks and grout to prevent them from getting moisture wicked in them causing them to crack and pop off in a hard freeze. If you do go with stain then make sure it concrete stain and not porch or deck stain. The concrete stain at Home Depot is specially formulated for use on concrete, brick, or stone only.
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