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Valerie jones
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Asked on Apr 1, 2018

Painted blinds question

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Can you paint or otherwise change the appearance of 2” faux wood blinds?

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  • Bijous
    on Apr 1, 2018

    You bet! I used gel stain to make cheap ones look like wood. You can also use spray paint. And of course, clean well before starting your project. Good luck!
  • Ardale
    on Apr 1, 2018

    Of course, you can pretty much paint anything these days. If your blinds are plastic you will have to spray paint them using paint formulated for use on plastic if you want the paint to hold well. If you don't want the connecting strings painted the same color you will have to untie and dissemble all your slats before painting then reassemble them all afterwards. Make sure your blinds are really clean, dust free and dry before you paint them. Always use spray paint in a well ventilated area preferably outside and cover any area you don't want paint on. Pick a day that isn't windy to paint or you will just be wasting money painting the air. Paint the backside of your blinds first then once dry turn and paint the front sides. Good luck!
  • Pg
    on Apr 1, 2018

    Yes. There are several articles on YouTube and other sites like on the Internet. Just search for painting blinds.
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 1, 2018

    for the correct answer.instead of check pinterest and tube....
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