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Asked on Apr 2, 2018

Two parts: Eastern exposure, and need to kill ground cover

Nancy TurnerJanet Pizaro


The eastern facing side of our house needs work. It's been a hodge podge of plants that really have never taken off. I had to dig decorative gravel out from previous owner years ago, but still can't get it to do much. The one that that did take off was some Ajugga, which jumped over the plastic landscaping border and is taking over a large area of the yard (but very little stayed within the bounds of the landscape trim!). I'd like to till up that entire area and start over, but will first need to kill off all the ground cover/weeds that are in the area. I'd like to also plant a few vegetables in and among some flowers, but it is an eastern facing area. What plants would do well with that type of morning sun exposure but shaded most of the rest of the day?

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  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 2, 2018

    the only solution to kill every thing is to either smother it out or use Orthos ground cover removal
  • Nancy Turner
    on Apr 3, 2018

    The best way to get rid of them would be to use weed killer, as long as it is the kind where you can plant within a short time. Otherwise, use boiling water or vinegar to kill what you don't want. You are going to be tilling the area anyway, so add potting soil, garden soil, manure, whatever you were going to amend with to make the soil healthy for the new plants. As far as vegetables, cool weather crops, like the leaf lettuce, etc. will last a long time with morning sun. My leaf lettuce lasted until about October last year by keeping it out of the hot afternoon sun last summer, my herbs did well with a few hours of morning and afternoon sun. My tuberous begonias went wild with not much sun at all and flowered until first frost. Hostas will do well with morning sun to almost no sun. There are many flowers that will do great with just morning sun. Have fun playing in your garden and planning what you want to do with your garden!
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