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Asked on Apr 3, 2018

How to keep weeds out of cement sidewalks



7 answers
  • Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 3, 2018

    white vinegar and water 50/50 a dab of salt and a dab of dish soap
  • Dfm
    on Apr 3, 2018

    boiling hot water on the weeds.
  • Jim Evans
    on Apr 3, 2018

    Get your wife to do it!

  • Nancy Turner
    on Apr 3, 2018

    As long as there is any dirt between the slabs, you will get weeds. You can use vinegar, boiling water, round up, or pull them. You don't have any other plants in the cracks to harm.
  • Kls24269451
    on Apr 3, 2018

    My mother use to put salt in between the blocks after pulling the weeds.
  • Redcatcec
    on Apr 3, 2018

    If you choose Round up be aware that poison goes straight into our drinking water, so I would not suggest that as an option.
    Vinegar and boiling water works well, but they dirt is where they take root. I would pull them up if at all possible, we also bought a weedwacker that decimates them.
  • Linda
    on Apr 3, 2018

    I used white vinegar with salt and a little dishwashing liquid in a sprayer. Gallon of water, 2 cups salt and 4 cups vinegar, 4 tblspoons soap. I think hot water would make it work even better and pour in cracks instead of spraying to concentrate application. Good luck
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