How can I filter cigarette smoke from next door yard?

Our yards are divided by some trees and a 4 ft wooden fence. they smoke like fiends constantly and our yard and home are filled with smoke and smell. Daughter is allergic and suffers tothe point where she can't enjoy the yard. What can I do?

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  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 04, 2018
    Ask if they might consider using the other side of the yard due to daughters condition. If they don't understand you are having problems they won't alter their behaviour....
  • If you have a covered area try a large fan to blow it away from the home.
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Apr 04, 2018
    Yes! just what I was thinking - a large oscillating fan facing the smoke yard. Blow it back to them.
  • JJ JJ on Apr 04, 2018
    Have u mentioned it to them? your daughters condition? I'd say they need to also put up a big fan to suck the smoke away from your home. if they get offended...oh well they wouldn't be very nice people and at that point I think I'd be pretty upset and do something irrational lol! not cool ar all.
  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Apr 04, 2018
    rare you can talk to a neighbor about THEIR smoke. I am sure this is very upsetting to you and your can try though. But doubt it. Smokers tend to feel entitled and get pretty angry.
  • Claude Claude on Apr 04, 2018
    A small fan will do it. If they ask why, tell them it bothers you.

  • Same issue here, but it not cigarettes their smoking. They smoke it right next to the fence which is next to my son's room who has asthma. It comes right in his room due to the fan in his open window to suck in the cool air at night. He usually tries to catch them in the beginning and close his window. Just turn his fan around duh.....we'll have to see it that helps. FYI, not illegal in CA
  • JJ JJ on Apr 04, 2018
    Oh wow I'm so Sorry! That is just not cool at all. Is there ANY SORT of complaint you can file?
  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Apr 05, 2018
    told you so !! Smokers are fierce defending their habit. Most don't care about YOUR issues...even if it involves a child. SO sad huh?
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