What is the best way to hang pictures Without a level?

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  • Don Don on Apr 04, 2018
    With a friend as your "opinion leveler" before too many glasses of wine....
  • Bluejacaranda Bluejacaranda on Apr 04, 2018
    Hi, Linda, Buy a piece of clear plastic tubing about 1/4 or 1/2 inch diameter in it approx 3 to 4 feet long ,fill the tube to about half full of water place the two ends together with your fingers on each end to stop the water from coming out. Where you want to hang your pictures, hold the tubing against the wall, and spread the two ends approx 2 feet apart,as you take your fingers off the ends slowly, TRY KEEPING THE TWO ENDS OF TUBING APPROX LEVEL SO AS THE WATER WON'T RUN OUT The water level of each side of the tube will slowly move to balance the water's height When you have done this ,once the water has stopped moving have some one [a helper] to mark the top of the water in each side of the tube on your wall This will give you a LEVEL between the 2 marks on your wall Hope you understand what I have written
  • Kposies Kposies on Apr 05, 2018
    • Rosalie Peck Rosalie Peck on Apr 05, 2018
      if you get a small one you could store it on top of your picture frame,so you know where it is next time you need one. Artistic!
  • Cjk24279832 Cjk24279832 on Apr 05, 2018
    Measure from either ceiling down or floor up. Remember picture centers should be at eye level no pun intended.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 05, 2018
    Hubby and I never use a level, We hold up the picture where we want it, measure from the ceiling, the extra needed for whatever type of hanger you use. Measure that distance below where you wanted the picture, put up the hanger and you should be done. We hung all of our pictures that way. We couldn't have used one of our levels anyway, it was absolutely pouring out and we don't have an attached garage next to the house, it is behind the house. Neither one of us wanted to go out there in the deluge and get one, so we winged it and it turned out perfect. We do things like that when the weather is horrible and you can't do anything else.