Most inexpensive Yard Border w/out a fence

I want to make a border for privacy from neighbors around my back yard, but can't afford a fence. Is there a creative way to do this, without breaking the bank and having something pretty to look at?

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  • Amanda Amanda on Apr 04, 2018
    Hi Glenna. I am not sure of your location but I have emerald green arborvitaes. They are a great way to block out the neighbors, and nice to look at. The garden stores and home improvement stores in my area have sales on them making them more affordable. Good Luck!
    • Glenna Glenna on Apr 04, 2018
      Thank you, Amanda. I'll have to check those out. I'm in Kentucky so not sure if they are in my area.
  • Janet Janet on Apr 04, 2018
    Shrubs, Dwarf size pines ( they actually grow less then 12 feet)
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 04, 2018
    Anything you do will be costly or take a lot of time to grow in...all depending on how large of a space you are covering.

    With so many 2 story houses these days, it is like living in a bowl sometimes.

    Have you considered a covered deck or patio where you can put up vinyl roll up shades? Or pretty tie back curtains made out of sheets!!! You can still grill out and it would be like an outdoor room!!
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    • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Apr 07, 2018
      For a large space, about all you can do is put up a solid fence! No matter what you choose, it will be expensive!
  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Apr 04, 2018
    Landscaping shrubs? In my area fast growing leyland cypress from Costco work for me.
    We put in a few nealy every year. You can see 5 year growth here comparing the two shrubs. Im not sure how tall you want your privacy screening to be.
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    • Glenna Glenna on Apr 05, 2018
      Oh wow! Thank you that is very good to know. We have a whole herd that travels through the field behind my house.
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 04, 2018
    i plan on using ornamental grasses! Check some out here! Dwarf pampas grass grows Nicely! Good luck.