Replace Broken TP Holder

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1 Hour

I had to replace my toilet paper holder because it broke. This was my first time doing it. But its very easy
First i used a utility knife to score the caulk all the way around the broken TP holder. Use a hammer and pry bar to remove the old one.
Then I used the knife and cleaned up the drywall chunks just a little. Then take the new one and make sure it fits the hole. You may need to trim some of the drywall.
Apply beads of liquid nails
Then I used liquid nails to glue the new one back up. I put a bead of glue wherever the tp holder touched the wall.
Press it onto the wall. Make sure its level.
Tape it to support it and leave overnight to dry.
Remove the tape. Caulk the edges and your done. We decided to paint the bathroom white too. So thats why the color change.
Supplies used

Suggested materials:

  • New TP holder, carpet knife, liquid nails, white caulk, handheld level, and screwdriver/prybar  (Home Depot)

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  • William
    on Apr 5, 2018

    Really was easy, wasn't it. Good share and great job!

  • Wendy
    on Apr 8, 2018

    Great fix! Glad you shared it with us!

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