How do I combine a sewing and craft room in one space?

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 06, 2018
    organize like this.
  • Gk Gk on Apr 06, 2018
    I have a sewing and craft room in a spare bedroom. All of my craft and sewing things are organized inside a small walk in closet--in dressers, in bins, and on shelves. I have shelving units and shelves I have attached to the walls. Since I do not use this closet to hang clothes--it works great. Things are out of sight. My sewing machine is on a 6 foot long folding table that I can fold up and place in the closet if I need to use the room for a bedroom. I have a couch that opens into a bed for guests--and the linen is stored under one side of the couch. I also have an armoire in the room that I use for more craft storage. It works well for me. I don't need a guest room often but when I do it's available. I don't need to worry about where to stash my crafting things as they are all organized in the closet. I can just shut the door! I also don't need to drag all of my crafting and sewing things into another room. I get double duty out of this room.
    • Verzet Clark Verzet Clark on Apr 11, 2018
      Yes, I too have a spare br. this is what I've thought of making into a combonation of sewing and craft room. Thanks for the suggestions.
  • Helen Helen on Apr 06, 2018
    I don't have a large room but I combine those & office as well. I got a nice, in the corner desk with cabinetry and the short lateral file cabinet to match. That creates plenty of counter space and filing, computer, printer, etc. I have a wide bedroom closet I put accordion levered doors on and made some shelves in the whole thing and, space for step ladder (small) Part of the shelves are fabric, part paints, brushes, et. hot glue gun, etc. I also, in the lower part of the shelving installed drawers to hold art supplies, etc. The one free wall I hang pictures, have a small chair with small table . There's plenty of space in the center so it doesn't feel crowded. I like it very much.

  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 06, 2018
    This is what I really want.
  • Jms26523074 Jms26523074 on Apr 07, 2018
    About 4 years ago, my husband and I needed more room. So we bought a "Storage Unit" ( that is what we called it) Actually we bought a second manufactured home because when we had friends come to visit, there is no hotel or motel close by. ( 15 min away) The wife of the previous owner was a weaver and had a special 10 x 30 feet room added to the home. We bought their home specifically for that room. Built in cabinets, closets, a desk, lots of windows and 2 doors. The one to the outside has a ramp as does the other door to the main house. Husband was in a motorized wheel chair. Little did I realize that 1 year later, I was diagnosed with Parkinson's ( no tremors just can't walk well) . Anyway all my yarn and scrapbooking things are in that room. (2 places about 1 mile apart) That room saved me from clutter in my main house. I have space for my hobbies but I must be organized. Depending in what crafts you have and how much room you have go to a place that has Ideas for storage, Take a friend that knows what you need. Measure space in your area and then take those #'s , a tape measure and write things down, compare or draw your plans. Take pictures.
  • Verzet Clark Verzet Clark on Apr 11, 2018
    Thank you all for your insight. It's very helpful.
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