Cracks on stairs

i have noticed a lot of cracks in the molding between the steps and the wall of the stairs in my home. Is this normal or something to worry about? should I try to have caulking applied or just leave it alone? thank you.

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  • Susan Susan on Apr 06, 2018
    I have the same problem so would love to know too.
  • Essie Essie on Apr 06, 2018
    Here is one way to repair with caulk. Seems like a very common problem!
  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 06, 2018
    Every kind of caulk I have tried does the same thing, no matter what kind I get. The heat in the house and the contraction of everything due to cold weather, cause it to happen. So, yes you can have it recaulked, but it will probably happen again. There is nothing wrong, it's just cosmetic.
  • Betsy Betsy on Apr 06, 2018
    After caulking, you can put quarter round molding, or something fancier on top to hide the gap. Nail it about every 2 or 3 feet and that should do it.
  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Apr 07, 2018
    If you don't want to add moulding then try adding weights on each step as you apply the caulk. Yes the house due to humidity does expand and contract but just like you fill a tub with water to give effect of a human standing in it before you caulk try this. You may have to borrow weights from friends unless you have enough for each step. Remember that steps get heavy traffic so you are going to see this the other thing is to get a humidifier for the home and have it set properly. That's a small price to pay if you consider that it will help keep everything in place and hey its great for your skin as well. They attach it to your furnace and you just follow the directions. Keep it clean and get the best one you can afford. You get what you pay for in all cases when it comes to a large purchase.
  • Galen W. Yoder Galen W. Yoder on Apr 07, 2018
    I didn't see any mention of what is in the space below/under the stair case? Does the stair case have any shaky feelings as you move up and down the stairs, are you hearing creaks, or squeaks? Is there a furnace under the stairs or a water heater? Is there a cold air return or heat register vent that has been blocked or disconnected? Look before you Leap!
  • Oliva Oliva on Nov 16, 2018

    Hi, Michael,

    Not sure where you're located, but in general, your home's humidity level should be at 40% to maintain integrity of wood throughout the home and preclude window condensation. Get a humidistat installed on your furnace for winter weather, and purchase a dehumidifier for Summer humidity.

    Did your Home Inspection Agent reveal any of this to you? He should have also informed you of issues with roofing, gutters, mortar work, termites, etc.

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    • Oliva Oliva on Nov 17, 2018

      Hi, Michael,

      Have you owned this home very long?

      Can you talk with neighbors to determine if they've experienced problems or concerns?

      You may be able to address some of these issues with the builder.

      I can't speak to your builder's reputation, but some only install 20 year roofs with minimal roof underlayment. Some shingles had structural integrity issues that resulted in class action suits (organic shingles).

      Ice dam prevention may or may not have been installed (if that's a problem where you live). Hopefully your wall studs are 16" on center, because in some homes, this has not been the case. Some windows are better insulated, some are not. Some vinyls are significantly stronger than others.

      Kitchen cabinets may be good or bad, depending on builder's selection. You'll find this to be the case throughout many homes in the U.S., as many first time home owners will never again purchase from the same builder, while other older homeowners who have owned multiple homes speak highly of the quality construction in their homes.

      You have knowledgeable people on this site who are quite capable of assisting you with your new home. Welcome to the world of home ownership!