Kitchen Remodel..1960’s

We bought this little house a year ago, in a 55plus community. the kitchen was very small and closed in,hubs had to promise,written in blood,we would open it up. Now,this is not a 500$ fix,nor 2500$ fix. Everything had to go,except for the appliances. Which I had wished the previous owners had just left alone. These are soooo cheaply made. Anyway,we got a designer at HD..worked with her for a few months in design. Awesome knowledge and help. We had never done this before,and kept learning..noooo..that won’t fit..wont work..etc. so here is before and after.
Time: 4 MonthsCost: $1Difficulty: Advanced
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
Very old and very tight. Laminate as a backsplash, both arms extended across was the size.
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
Took the walls out,refinished wood floors,added new wood floor in kitchen.
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
Totally opened up into living room,now I can be part of jeopardy and wheel!🤗
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
This is one of the best things...very wide drawers instead of the 5 18-20 inches. These are 30? Anyway..if you do nothing else,get very wide drawers,everything goes into 2 -3 drawers and everything has a very tidy space of its own. Sooo easy to find whatever. I was very hesitant about only 3 drawers as opposed to 5 smaller ones! But this is the best,
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
We spent a bit on the hardware..that is the jewelry for the room! Worth it!
  • kitchen remodel 1960 s
The island is movable,and has huge drawers for pots,pans,plastic ware..and a garbage pullout! Awesome. No more bending!
So there you have it. It’s not perfect..that’s because we did not want to move plumbing or electrical. But that’s ok! 🤗😽 thanks for looking!

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Cabinets
  • Laminate countertop