How could I get rid of mice

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  • Dfm Dfm on Apr 07, 2018
    rent a few cats. I like the barn cats’s there job to hunt rodents. Moma cat teaches the young to hunt . There are also live catch traps...they have caught up to 50 mice in one night. You need to find the mice trails to get it in a good location. Mice can have a litter of kits monthly. If you use a poison there is a good chance it’s going to look for a secluded area to hole up in to die. And stink up your place.
  • Chris Kwikkel Anderson Chris Kwikkel Anderson on Apr 07, 2018
    sticky traps
  • Jewellmartin Jewellmartin on Apr 07, 2018
    We have used all sorts of traps and poisons over 50 years of marriage Now, we seal any spaces we can find with the foam sealer that really expands. Then we get the big sticky pads. I’m in charge of getting the mice and pads to the trash can. Sometimes the mice are still alive. The pads may show if you have any bugs, too. With a pest control service, we haven’t had any pests in years. ☺️
  • I use no kill traps. Get an inspection from a reputable exterminator so that they will show you points of entry to be fixed. It makes it a lot easier when you know where to find them.
  • JAMES A ROLLI JAMES A ROLLI on Apr 07, 2018
  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 07, 2018
    Over the years we have been hit with these pests and finally after this last infestation of about 5-7 in the house, we brought in an exterminator.
    We have used Dcon which they ignore, sticky glue traps work well but they learn to avoid them, so you will have to keep on relocating and take them by surprise. The snap traps are not too effective, they have to take the bait.
    What has seriously helped is the exterminator went around the house and saw possible places where they could be entering:
    -along the wires that come into the house
    -cracks in the slab foundation where pipes entered
    -all visible unsealed tiny areas such as around doors and windows.
    The company sealed these with a foam that cuts their mouth if they try to chew through it.
    I would really like to get a cat but we travel too much and it would not be fair to keep a pet only to desert it. Would consider a rental though.
  • Kimberly Montgomery Kimberly Montgomery on Apr 09, 2018
    In order to get rid of the problem, you MUST find their access point and seal it up. Set traps, put out bait (do not put where pets or children can get into it), and be ready for smells and to do deep cleaning of your home. The problem will NEVER end if you do not seal up their entry points. I have put steel wool in several places I know for a fact they were coming in and that reduced the issue. I believe I have found a new access point. I will be putting bait blocks in the point of entry and then sealing it up. I can live with the smell for the 2 weeks it lasts when they die in the walls or up in the ceiling much easier than the sound of them running at night.