Touch-up paint

Our house isn’t even two years old yet but when I tried to touch up spots on the walls, the paint didn’t match, even though I bought the same paint at the same store the builder used. Is there a way to get that paint back off?

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  • I think you'll be repainting the whole wall. Sorry!
  • May be same paint, yet a different manufacture lot. Too bad they did not provide you with a can of touch up for an exact match. Not really, I would just repaint that wall with the new paint. Make sure you wash and prime first.
  • Greg Greg on Apr 07, 2018
    G'day, there is an app that measures color you could try it there maybe others it's called All Tools it's a fun app. Cheers Greg.
  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 07, 2018
    Your issue has nothing to do with color. Here's what happens. On new construction, the builder only paints the minimal amount of paint to cover the walls. The new drywall, however, soaks up more paint than normal. This leaves your final finish very chalky and delicate. New paint really requires another coat, beyond what you need for color coverage, to give it the proper finish. When you touch up your builder's paint, you are giving it this final finish coat, but only in spots. Your wall needs a full coat of paint which will bring the color and sheen up to the intended appearance.
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