Install Stair Runners Using Runner Rugs

Have you ever looked at runner options at your local hardware store? It's a real snooze-fest over there. Guess what? You can use regular runners for your stairs!

Our stairs took 3 runners, but you will want to measure yours for accuracy.

Please note: I bought my runners on sale and didn't open them for months. When I went to install them, I realized that I had 2 different patterns in the same color. The accident turned out to be a happy one and I love the quirkiness of it now.
Time: 3 HoursCost: $100Difficulty: Medium
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Lay out your first runner to figure out the spacing. You want it pretty evenly spaced on the sides.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Use a staple gun to attach the rug right under the landing. Be generous with your staples. We love a pneumatic gun because it's much easier to use.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Staple in the edge of the stairs as well, keeping the spacing even on each step.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Keep going, stapling under the stairs and in the corners until you get to the end of a runner. Cut it under a stair tread, leaving about 1" to overlap with the next rug.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Attach the next runner, overlapping the edge you just cut.

Keep going until the end.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
When you get to the end, cut the rug and staple it into the step. Then cover the edge with a piece of quarter round painted to blend with your floor or stairs.
  • install stair runners using runner rugs
Enjoy your new runner! Totally not boring.

For more details on this project, including how we stripped the carpet off, stained the stairs, added a new custom railing, copper hand rails or where we got that fabulous wallpaper, c lick here to check out my blog. All the details and more can be found there.

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