Particle Board Floor Turned Into a Stone/granite Floor

My linoleum ripped and underneath was a particle board floor that was getting water damaged. On a tight budget, I planned to just stain and seal the particle board, BUT I made a mess of it. In the end I used the Rustoleum stone spray paint and sealed it with polyurethane. Now it looks like stone or granite, Though this look is not for everyone but I love it. I now have a durable, easy to clean stoe floor! (I am sorry if this leaves a large space at the top, i don't know to make ti!)
My new floor
Particle board has some green stains on it so, I used a dark stain, dumb move!
Stained particle board, I hated it!
Finished, stones flooring. It took about four cans to get the cover I want. I like this a lot better! I know its not for anyone but I like it. My daughter started moving to her own place before I could ploy it. I was amazed this floor held up to having a treadmill drug across the floor! even with no poly, now it is even stronger and cleaner,

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