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Fun With Texture Paste

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Hello again friends. I haven't posted in a while due to various reasons but the crafting bug bit me, partially because of the wonderful things hometalk has sent us, and I just had to try to do something.
fun with texture paste
This great fusion paint was one of the first gifts that I got from Hometalk. It has great consistency and I dry brushed some of it over a scrap piece of wood I found in our garage.
fun with texture paste
Once the paint was dry, I taped this beautiful stencil I found on Amazon.com to the board with freezer tape (because I was in the kitchen and that's what was close lol)
I then proceeded to basically spackle on the wonderful texture paste that Hometalk sent us a couple of months ago but I've been too afraid to try. The directions say use a pallet knife, but I wasn't going to going out and buy one. No! DIY is for the resourceful. I found this old plastic spackle knife that really worked well. I have to tell you guys though, use this stuff sparingly. I used a little too much at the bottom and it smeared a bit. As soon as you're done spreading the paste, carefully lift your stencil and go wash the stencil if that's an option.
fun with texture paste
This is what it looked like right after I lifted the stencil. It took the design beautifully. Suddenly what began as an experiment, I decided would be a gift to cheer up a sick friend so it needed a positive message. I dug around in the craft supplies and found another fantastic gift I had not had the opportunity to use yet.
fun with texture paste
Honestly when I got this I wasn't sure what this was or if I would ever have use for it. I pulled it out and gave it whirl!
fun with texture paste
I just used regular acrylic craft paint in the little bottle. If you got one of these or purchase one, it comes with several tips. Pick the one that looks like the fluid viscosity you're dealing with will flow well, then go larger. I clogged up a good tip learning that lesson.
I didn't have any stencil letters that small and since it's for a dear friend I know she won't care about my penmanship but please excuse my messy hand written message.
Final product. Cost:Zero
Smiles for my friend: priceless
fun with texture paste

Suggested materials:

  • Scrap wood  (Had it)
  • Ranger texture paste  (Gift)
  • Penney &Co. fusion paint in azure  (Gift)
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