DIY Garden Twine Bucket

4 Materials
20 Minutes

Repurpose an old plastic container into a caddy for garden helps!
diy garden twine bucket
Gather your supplies and begin by choosing where you want your holes placed on the lid of your bucket. Mark your places with a Sharpie. (How many holes you have will also depend on how many garden helps you’ll store in your bucket.)

Use a small screwdriver to puncture holes in the top of your bucket. Once the screwdriver is through the plastic, gently move it around to increase the size of the hole. 
diy garden twine bucket
Once your holes are in place, you can create a decorative wrap around the bucket. This is completely optional. If you don’t want to wrap your bucket, skip this step. Measure the height of your bucket without the lid. Use that height measurement to cut a wide strip of scrapbook or other craft paper. Wrap this paper around the bucket. Use packing tape, smoothed evenly to avoid bumps, to secure the paper to the bucket. Add a paper label if desired, then cover all of the exposed paper with packing tape to make it hold up better outdoors. 
diy garden twine bucket
Place your twine and/or plant tape inside the bucket and thread it through the hole in the lid. Secure the lid and then add any twist ties you frequently use. I left a small open space on one side of the bucket for garden tape. I will be able to easily add it to the bucket later in the season. 
diy garden twine bucket
What you’ll have is a handy bucket, full of what you need most in the garden (other than plants of course). You can even include a bit of twine with scissors attached on the side. I usually use my pruning shears to cut twine, but having a pair attached to the bucket is a quick and easy addition.

Suggested materials:

  • Screwdriver  (Hardware Store)
  • Plastic Bucket  (Aldi)
  • Packing Tape  (Big Lots)
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