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Upcycle a pine display case for bathroom storage?

I would like to upcycle this to a beach style unit for my bathroom. Suggestions will be most welcome. Thank you

  • Use white paint to apply a wash of color. Or, paint white and distress.

  • Lenora Lynn Creek Moore
    Lenora Lynn Creek Moore Gillette, WY
    3 hours ago

    Oh, there are so many things you can do. Here are a few ideas. You could cover the wood with a lighter color. Calk it first then, Prime it with aroma free Kilz primer paint, and paint it a lighter color such as sand color, put seashells on picture frames, and add other seaside type decor to it using seaside colors of the ocean or beach. Buy other matching decor in towels, window decor, and lamp shades or vanity lights. Hope this helps

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown
    Holly Kinchlea-Brown Canada
    2 hours ago

    Remove the scallopped edge at the top, whitewash the backing, distress paint the frame and shelves In pale blue or green depending upon your bathroom colours...or you could paint the colour on the interior with the outside being done in an off white.

  • Lynn
    Lynn Fabius, NY
    2 hours ago

    Prime back wall so knots don’t bleed through paint with a calming beach glass paint and whitewash the shelving and front.

  • Catherine Troy
    Catherine Troy
    52 minutes ago

    Thanks Lynn, I'm not sure what beach glass paint is, I'm in UK, but I will google it.

  • Catherine Troy
    Catherine Troy
    46 minutes ago

    Lynn, just googled, it, great idea to use two different types and colours, many thanks.

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