What are the best paint to paint bathroom, kitchen and bedroom that's

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  • Dysko7710 Dysko7710 on Apr 13, 2018
    You need different paints for all of those surfaces. Bathrooms require paint that will stand up to moisture. Kitchen's need paint that will stand up to greases in the air, and bedrooms are a little more forgiving. Your paint center will be able to help you choose the type.
  • Lester Lester on Apr 13, 2018
    Thank you for your reply. That's a big help.
  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Apr 13, 2018
    We used enamel in our bathroom and semi-gloss in the kitchen and bedrooms. You can also use matte instead of the semi-gloss, but it is harder to wash.
  • Lina Splichal Lina Splichal on Apr 13, 2018
    Semi-gloss latex, that is.

  • Claude Claude on Apr 13, 2018
    Personally, I only use semi gloss in very limited areas,like trim and doors. For me a flat that is scrubbble just looks richer. They have such great new formulas too.

  • Lester Lester on Apr 14, 2018
    Much Mahalos for your reply.
  • Redcatcec Redcatcec on Apr 14, 2018
    Semi gloss latex is a go to.
    We use paint that will not hold the grease and bigger particles that are created in the kitchen.
    The bathroom needs a paint that holds up well under higher humidity conditions.
    The bedroom paint is your choice, not much of a challenge there.
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