Heavy metal adjustable patio lounge re-web

It weighs too much for me to pick up, maybe 50-75 lbs (well made, 70’s era?). The original plastic/vinyl 1/4” is not coming loose. How can I add a new seating surface that will last long term? It has a metal bar that is right beneath the hip area and it must not stretch much because of the bar. Any ideas? Wood, webbing, whatever. I am open to ideas. Forgive lawn mess in photo, still too wet to mow here.... (* I am not sure why it looks curved in the knee area photo, but it is not.) Husband loves it, so I want to fix it.

  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro Smithtown, NY
    on Apr 13, 2018

    instead of stepping put a terry lounge mat on top when you want to use it

    • Jcraw
      Jcraw Collingswood, NJ
      on Apr 13, 2018

      id use fishing line and a curved needle to secure the loose sections. Then I’d probably buy a couple of not too bulky chaise lounge covers (primarily because the back looks so tall), and rip the backs of those covers off a bit to custom fit.

      The back you’d have to take out corner fillings to fit the oval. You might even fit it pillow-case style so it covers front and back. The seat, take out stitching to the arms and make that an “envelope” too. I’d try to secure that with Velcro along those sides. Same at the foot, but a much smaller length needs to be opened.
      With the Velcro you’d be able to take them off for the winter.