Colour Advice please!

Our open concept living room/dining room has golden varethaned beadboard wainscotting. I really dislike the colour of it but my hubby likes to see the woodgrain. I find that there are too many colours and textures in the room and would like to paint/stain the wainscot to blend in with the walls. What do you think? What could I use to whiten the wainscot but still be able to see the wood grain?

  • Jcraw
    Jcraw Collingswood, NJ
    on Apr 13, 2018

    I’d “whitewash” with one of the darker tans in your barn door.

    • Sharon
      Sharon Florence, OR
      on Apr 13, 2018

      Way too many unrelated patterned items, the checked rug, the plaid throw on the rocking chair, the red flowered chair covers, the hawaiian lamp shades. The green table cloth doesn't add much to the mix. I would pick 1 print, and then pick up the colors in the print to use on other items like the lampshades, table cloth, area rug, chair covers, throw.
      Is there some reason you can't wall mount the TV which we can't see on the wall, so you can move the couch back centered between the little windows? Those wall mounts can swivel anyway you want them.
      Only way to have grain show and white wash the wainscoting, is to strip or sand off the yellowed varnish.... then do a cream wash on the wood with 50% paint and water.