Very narrow window needs replacement.

We have a very narrow window in our bathroom (approximately 8” height x 40” wide) which really needs to be replaced and put one in that will open so that we can get ventilation. The window cannot be bigger then the existing one due to the construction of the house. We do have a vent fan in the bathroom, but it isn’t enough and the bathroom tends to get moldy. The modular home was built in the early “60s. Any suggestions as to what we can do or put in place of this window so that we can get air/ventilation into the bathroom. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
q very narrow window needs replacement
q very narrow window needs replacement
q very narrow window needs replacement
q very narrow window needs replacement
q very narrow window needs replacement
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  • I would check with another window company.
  • I'm assuming you want it to be the same size? Obviously you could replace it with a larger window that opens. For that size, check at a dealer that carries windows for mobile homes or campers.
  • If not a standard size, may need to be custom made or install larger - make sure you add a screen so you do not get bugs!

  • Jennie Sesulka Jennie Sesulka on Apr 15, 2018
    I have that same window in my guest bathroom. We currently live in a rental home that is a mobil home so i just used a long valance that I hung using a tension rod. No screws no nails, easy peasy. Not ideal but if you simply want to Not see the ugly window or cannot replace it at this time go for it!
  • Trish Minor Trish Minor on Apr 15, 2018
    We have about the same size window in our bathroom. We took our measurements to Home Depot and special ordered one. The old one was what is called an awning window, we replaced it with a sliding one.

  • Ellis Ellis on Apr 15, 2018
    You can order one made to size from a window dealer, and many will install, too.
  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 15, 2018
    Yes I would order an awning window but it will have to be tempered glass, as those old glass ones are not to code in most places.
  • Shirley Miller Shirley Miller on Apr 15, 2018
    Our house came with the same opening. It has louvres in it. We didn't need to open it, so we left it in place and added a "stained glass" insert on top of it which I made using colored casting resin, liquid lead from a tube and using a piece of clear plastic as a base.
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