I just purchased my first home...yes a mobile home! Need advice

It's a 1981 and has the 14 ft x 14" panels and then a strip of maybe 2" and repeats...I have a light grey carpet in livingroom and darker grain looking vinyl floor for kitchen..I am going to use pallets to make a wood wall at the front if the living room. What color would you use for the ceiling in the livingroom and kitchen, because I made it an open floor plan?
Please help...
Country Grams in Iowa!

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  • Bijous Bijous on Apr 14, 2018
    Congratulations! Use a bright white paint rather than a ceiling paint. The bright white will pop. Good luck.

  • Cindy Cindy on Apr 14, 2018
    I would use a very, very light shade of gray. It will tie the carpet, kitchen floor and pallet boards together. Then I would paint the trim bright white. I love white trim. It looks so clean and fresh. Good luck in your new home. If you need any other DIY advice, give us a post.

  • Pamela Shackelford Pamela Shackelford on Apr 14, 2018
    We used a glossy white paint on our ceilings instead of the flat white ceiling paint. It looks wonderful..Our friends can't believe the difference it makes

  • Mis10680974 Mis10680974 on Apr 14, 2018
    The humidity level in mobile homes should be kept below a level of 50 or else you could risk getting toxic mold. This is some of the most important advice you can get because it can ruin your life in many ways, financially, health wise and kill you, and your pets too. 25% of people have an HLA gene off of the 6th chromosome that makes it almost impossible to get out of your body. And you don't need to have a leak for mold to grow. So keep your humidity level under 50 to deter mold from growing in your home, be it a mobile home or a solid structure.

    C. Brown

  • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on Apr 14, 2018
    With all the darker colors and wood, I would paint it white. Ceilings in a mobile home are not typically very high,anything other than a lighter color may make it looked closed in. and Congatulations!

    • Tamilynn_64 Tamilynn_64 on Apr 14, 2018
      Thank you Charlee Hunter. I appreciate your input and thoughts. I thought about another color, but you are correct that the ceiling is not very high and a dark color would make it look smaller and closed in! So do I go with a flat or a semi-gloss?

  • Charlee Hunter Charlee Hunter on Apr 14, 2018
    I use satin. Easier to clean than flat, but not shiny like semi.