Lady Bug, Lady Bug A Story By SK

I hand water color little story books for my grandbabies. I was lucky enough to be able to get this last one printed. Ya just can't say I don't have fun. I keep busy and it keeps me off the streets with a smile. Always a smile. sk
The twenty-five full water color paintings are done and now I am adding my poem.
This is how my mind works. I love color and I love fantasy. Cute fantasy.
I make a mess when I am in a project. The wall becomes my storyboard.
I'm sure guests and family don't get it.
My little guy is learning about himself.
Each book is customized for a certain child. I add their picture and first name into the last page of the story. This gives every child a moment of being in their very own fairytale.
My finished Lady Bug Book. SK Sartell
If you are interested in my work you can visit my Etsy Shop:
There was a very happy little girl I spent time with today. She had me read the book to her three times in a row and then posed for this picture.
She asked me to tell you that she thinks ladybugs are perfect, just the way they are, so she loves your story!
Regards and thanks again!
This is the current book I am working on. Silly isn't he? Caterbutterpillarfly....What?

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