Make Your Own Designer Wooden Drawer Knobs

In less than 10 minutes, you can make your own designer wooden drawer knobs. Here’s step by step instructions and a materials list below.

I love browsing through Hobby Lobby's knobs and pulls section but without a sale or coupon they can be quite expensive. Why not make your own and be creative?

You can find unfinished wooden drawer knobs at your local home improvement store or you can buy a pack of them here. Make sure you buy the ones that the screws come with them. The cost will vary on how many drawer knobs you are going to make. The size of mine were 1 1/2".
Time: 10 MinutesCost: $5Difficulty: Easy
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
STEP 1: Select your beautiful print napkin or tissue paper.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
STEP 2: Lay your knob so the top is facing down and with your pen or marker, draw a circle around the knob. Then cut out the circle. Try to cut on the inside of your pen marking so that you don’t get any of the ink markings onto your circle. It will show.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
STEP 3: Take your sponge brush and dip it into the mod podge. Apply to the top of the knob.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
STEP 4: Place the napkin or tissue paper that you just cut on top of the knob and apply another layer of mod podge. Let dry.

Most napkins will have 2, sometime 3 layers. Now is a good time to separate the layers until you have just the top printed layer. This is much easier to do once you cut the shape rather than trying to peel the layers before you cut.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
If you want to be more creative or if you are making knobs for other pieces of furniture, you can paint the drawer knobs before you mod podge. I painted a couple with some white craft paint I had on hand then I used gold and white tissue wrapping paper I found in my craft supply at home.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
That’s it! How easy peasy was that? Can you imagine the endless possibilities you can do with this one simple idea? In less than 10 minutes you can create designer wooden drawer knobs that no one else will have.
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
  • make your own designer wooden drawer knobs
Hopefully this served you today by sparking your creativity. It's such a fun, fast and easy thing to do. I think you will enjoy making your own designer drawer knobs. Let us know what you are making and designing. We would love to hear!

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  • Gabrielle Falk
    Gabrielle Falk Australia
    on Apr 20, 2018

    Well. Those drawer knobs just look fantastic. Are they hard wearing, considering - probably - the number of times u can open and close a drawer. I'm from Sydney, Australia. Have heard of modge podge; but what is it, exactly. Wonderful job and unique. xo Gabrielle

      • Sophia
        Sophia Rogue River, OR
        on Apr 22, 2018

        Mod Podge is like white glue but slightly different. It is used as a medium to adhere things, but also dries clear in both gloss or matte finishes. I used to do this technique on cards that I would send or give to people.

        It's pretty sturdy, but I might want to coat it with a bit of something a little stronger. You might try just using a larger piece of napkin and scrunching it around the knob. It could look very pretty, but experiment first. I would find it tedious to cut the circles.

        You can also use this technique for drawer fronts and with a sturdy poly coat the top of small tables or dressers.

      • Heather
        Heather United Kingdom
        on Apr 20, 2018

        I love this. I think it would just give furniture that extra touch.( I love Mod Podge too. ) Enjoy :)