Asked on Apr 17, 2018

How do I get a tub with standing water to drain?

Linda SikutDianacirce70Monya Pfiz


No visible hair or stoppage substances are visible.

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  • Have you tried a liquid drain cleaner? If you have and it's still not clear, you may need to 'snake' the drain.

  • Rashawnda
    on Apr 17, 2018

    I would put a cup of baking soda in the drain and then pour a cup or two of plain white vinegar on top and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes. If/when it drains follow up with some boiling water.
  • Monya Pfiz
    on Apr 17, 2018

    Try a toilet plunger.
  • Dianacirce70
    on Apr 17, 2018

    if no other plubming issues are obvious (toilet or sink baking up) lye may help, and snaking the drain. The clog is in the pipes, rather than at the drain
  • Linda Sikut
    on Apr 17, 2018

    Hi Atritscheller,
    It definitely seems like you have a clog somewhere. I would try the baking soda/vinegar/boiling water method first. If that doesn't work, I'd try a drain snake to see if that brings something up. Another possibility would be to look for a clean out in the pipe system in your basement. We occasionally have issue with one specific drain and that cleanout saves us every time. If you don't have a clean out in your basement, it might be worth having a plumber come in to fix this and install a basement clean out. Wishing you the best.
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