Asked on Apr 18, 2018

Need a safe grease build up on stove panel

Lisa S.Connie Hirchert StadelmannMidwest Gal


Does anyone have a safe grease cutter suggestion to remove grease buildup from my Kenmore electric stove panel? Around the knobs, under them and the control panel (that's some sort of plastic) I have grease that will not come off. I'm afraid to scrub really hard as I'm not sure if I'll ruin the surface or remove the lettering. Nothing I've found seems to work so any suggestions are welcome.

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  • Janet Pizaro
    Janet Pizaro
    on Apr 18, 2018

    white vinegar and water with a dab of blue dawn dish soap
  • Ebbjdl
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Most knobs can be removed for cleaning, check your owner's manual. I clean my electric stove top burners covered with glass, with alcohol. I use stainless steel cleaner on my stainless steel. Depending on what your panel is made of is what you'll clean it with. My knobs I pull straight out, and they come off.
  • Stephanie Dahl
    Stephanie Dahl
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Baking soda and water mixed into a paste then just use your fingers to rub it.... Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work some serious magic as well. Your knobs should pull right off for easier cleaning btw.
  • Laurie Pontz
    Laurie Pontz
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Take the plastic off. I had that on one of my stoves only to find out it’s put there so it doesn’t get scratched. Drove myself crazy call company told me not to take it off. They said it’s some kind of protection. Sure was. Couldn’t find it any wear in the books that came with the stove. Mine had a pink tint to it when I removed it. Try to find a spot that isn’t so visible. I even marked on a drawnout template the marks and numbers on the stove Incase I had to rebuy the stentlal. Which I didn’t have to do. Good luck. It’s there is nice to know there is someone out there like me
  • Arc11884859
    on Apr 18, 2018

    your inobe will easily come off, just pull them straight up. Soak them in Dawn and they will look like new. The surrounding area can be cleaner with any degreaser, I use Dawn for grease always. I even pretreat my laundry if I have any grease stains.
  • Midwest Gal
    Midwest Gal
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Dawn dishwashing liquid and vinegar-best ever...rubbing alcohol works great mixed in and won't streak.
  • Connie Hirchert Stadelmann
    Connie Hirchert Stadelmann
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Dawn dish soap is a good degreaser. Remove the knobs & soak them in very hot water with Dawn. Just use a rag with hot soapy water on the panel. I've also had good luck with Fantastic.
  • Lisa S.
    Lisa S.
    on Apr 18, 2018

    Sudsy ammonia.
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