Any ideas to keep birds safe from Hawks and Falcons?

I have several bird feeders with no trees for protection from the larger birds.

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  • Maj32258887 Maj32258887 on Apr 18, 2018
    I have an outdoor table (marble top). I have seen the larger birds try and eat from my feeders so I had an older type cat food self feeder. I took the top off of it and put my seed in it. The table has a lower edge and I keep the bowl and a fresh water bowl underneath. Here in Spring we are still having rain and I noticed that the seed (cat bowl..meow) was wet so on rainy days I put a large trash bag over the top of the table with garden rocks on top. Yes it does not look very attractive, but it gets the job down. Also the larger birds cannot fit underneath. Yay!
  • 2dogal 2dogal on Apr 18, 2018
    That's just part of nature. Sorry. You can put rubber snakes down or owls, but unless you keep moving them around, hawks and falcons will ignore them. They are smart birds. You cannot do anything to kill those birds as they are federally protected.
  • My girlfriend has the same problem. She just scatters the seed in hidden areas on the ground and takes the feeders down for a few days. When they are not successful, they move on. It is a constant cycle. She does have one resident hawk but he is essentially harmless, as he or she must be old and has a vision problem, misses his target most of the time and they named him Mr. Magoo. Wildlife officials banded him so I guess they track its whereabouts.
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