Circa 1880

I found this 1880 Eastlake Chest at a thrift store and couldn’t wait to transform her 😀
Time: 6 WeeksCost: $160Difficulty: Medium
I had to decide wether to sand and re-stain the piece, or paint it. Generally if it can be stained, that is what I try to do.
Unfortunatel, the chest had deep gouge marks underneath the drawers and 3 extra drawer pull holes per pull. In order to repair, I used bondo, too me it is just stronger than wood filler, and it sands very nice. The piece had to be painted.
Sanded with orbital sander.
I then decided to research paint colors of the time era. I made my own color by mixing chalk paint I had on hand. I also ordered replica antique hardware. Once it arrived, I measured and drilled new pull holes.
The top was sanded and stained the top. Several coats of protective poly finish were applied.
Drawers were sanded and stained.

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