Help with front landscaping - Mid Century style!

Need some ideas for Mid Century (1962 house) for front landscaping. Just want to give a nod to the era . Plan on painting bricks (grey/greens of the house) in a "used brick fashion" to change the beige color of brick and give some texture. I think it needs something tall !!!
q help with front landscaping mid century style
House is in light grey and dk. green/grey trim. Chartruse on doors. off white soffit trim.

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  • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 20, 2018
    Is that wall sticking out from the right side of the house necessary? If you can remove it, I would. I see a gate, so you can put a vinyl railing if you need it. I would build up a garden using garden blocks, making sure to slope the ground away from the house. Then I would plant taller evergreen and flowering shrubs under the windows of the part that is sticking out. I would put small evergreen and flowering shrubs along the railing. Put flowers around the shrubs. I would put in annuals this year and so you can take your time deciding which perennials you want to use. Go to your local nursery and talk to the people that work there. Ask them for suggestions on what would grow best in your area.
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    • Shore grandmom Shore grandmom on Apr 20, 2018
      If it isn't supporting anything, I would think about removing it and opening up the courtyard. I live in New Jersey. I'm zoned 6 - 7. The shrubs would probably be ok. I like butterfly bushes for my flowering shrubs. For the evergreens, you could try boxwoods or a small pine shrub. As for what flowers would work for you, you could try the kind of flowers that grow wild along the side of the road. I like vinca flowers (not the vine) but I don't know how they will hold up in your climate. Talking to your local nursery or just riding around your area will give you more ideas then I could.
  • i would put a creeping vine over the wall to detract from its odd look... also some kind of bushes across the front something for the area that withstands the climate for less work of covering etc. Include a curved border with some seasonal perennials
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