Hello! How can I clean my car's headlights? They are cloudy!

Headlights are functioning, but the plastic/glass covers are clouded!!! Mazda 3

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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Apr 22, 2018
    plain white toothpaste
  • GrannyL GrannyL on Apr 22, 2018
    Mr. Clean magic eraser!

  • GrannyL GrannyL on Apr 22, 2018
    Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!
  • Inetia Inetia on Apr 22, 2018
    0000 grade steel wool, water and elbow grease. Whitening tooth paste is said to work too.
  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Apr 22, 2018
    There are headlight restoration kits. You will find them at any auto parts store for around $10. They work fairly well.
  • Jaks Jaks on Apr 22, 2018
    Try whitening toothpaste. Rub it on - let it sit a few minutes & wipe off.
    It helped on my 2002 Dodge Stratus.
  • Betsy Betsy on Apr 22, 2018
    What I used on mine, and it worked pretty good, was I got a bottle of Motsenbockers foam and latex remover, put it on a magic eraser that I got from the dollar store. wet the light and left it on for about 10 seconds and then rubbed gently. The gunk rolled right up. You may have to do it a couple of times if the headlight is really bad, but in about 10 minutes you should be done with both lights. Rinse well and dry with a paper towel. And maybe put some wax on the headlights, or RainX. Just be sure that the Motsenbockers and RainX are the kind you can use on plastic. Read the back of the bottle. It's costs about $5. I sure wish they would come back with the glass headlights!
  • William William on Apr 22, 2018
    I did my daughters car. Used a White (not gel) toothpaste and a damp cloth. A dab of toothpaste on the cloth and rub in a circular motion a small area at a time. Keep the toothpaste moist. A separate wet cloth squeezing water as you rub. Wipe as you go along to see the progress. Once done put some paste wax over the lenses.
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