Charlie's "Tree House"- DIY Cat Scratching Post :)

6 Hours

Call us crazy but I guess my husband and I will find any excuse to come up with a new project:) Last week a tiny kitten came to our porch crying. We found out that the neighbor threw him outside during the storm :( We decided to keep him for a day or 2 and find him and new home. However, our doggies just fell in love with little Charlie. Of course we did too!!!! We always had dogs only and we really had nothing for the little kitten. First we made a dog- proof litter box! That was definitely #1 on our to do list because our 3 dogs can't keep their noses ( and mouths-gross!) away from the litter box. But that project only involved a large plastic container and a knife so it was quite boring. Well Sunday morning I was doodling some things and decided that I wanted to "design" cat "tree house"/ scratching post. My drawing was pretty bad but my husband got the idea- it was time to get some materials and get to work! :)
Some pictures of the steps got missing in action but here is what we used :
- jig saw
-staple gun
-wooden boards
-batting for quilting
- square foam for the inside of the box
- cat toys :)
Charlie Loves his house :)
my terrible sketch that started everything:)
some tools we used- for the construction part
measuring before cutting the plywood for the box
jig saw worked just fine for cutting plywood
We cut out the parts of the "tree" also from plywood. I called them "clouds" :)
putting the box together
boards used for the post. For the main post we nailed the boards together. (Post underneath the box)
The construction is done. We cut the opening using the jig saw. Then we used the part we cut out as the lowest step. The base is in the shape of the cross.
Charlie approved this construction with some but little criticism :)
I wrapped the twine around the main post and secured it with staples. I covered the front of the box with burlap and twine. I still want to wrap the twine around the "branches"
The top and the steps were covered with batting and fabric so they are pretty soft. I secured them with staples on the bottom.
I added some toys and foam and blanket .... and Charlie slept there all night long :)
All DONE!!!!! :)

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  • Cathy Klingel
    Cathy Klingel
    on Aug 23, 2016

    What a talented hubby you have!! My cats would love this. I just happen to have a large piece of plywood waiting for inspiration. This is sooo cute and fun! Those you see in the stores are so expensive.

  • Kyran wolfe
    Kyran wolfe
    on Oct 15, 2019

    this was really cool and good i might have to try this thx for the help!

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