Wire Cloche

8 Materials
20 Minutes

I love the cloches and I made one before from chicken wire but it just wasn't the look I wanted. I saw this wire trash basket at the Dollar store and thought this would be perfect to try again. My girlfriend and I had lunch the day before and she bought one at Kirkland's but I just wouldn't spend the money. I knew I could make one for a faction of the cost of hers. So lets get started
wire cloche
What you'll need:
Wire Trash Basket
Wire cutters
Aluminum foil 3"
Knob (drawer Pull)
Glue Sticks
Knock-out Seal (Electrical department) 
Wood candle stick
wire cloche
Step one you'll remove the bottom of the wire basket with your wire cutters. Just do the last row that is round the basket
wire cloche
Here you can see how I'm removing just the bottom
wire cloche
After that is off you'll bend the top down and pinch tightly together like an accordion, all the way around making the hole on top about 1.5
wire cloche
You have to keep pushing down and pinching to make the opening smaller and smaller
wire cloche
Once you get to a smaller size you'll take the wood candle stick and push the edges down and any bends that are not smooth. Then set that aside for a minute.
wire cloche
This is the 2" knock-out seal that I found at Lowes I wanted something metal to match the basket material but something that was solid. I did think of a washer but I couldn't have a hole in the middle. The knock-out seal has tabs on it that you can cut off or smash down with the hammer. That's what I did on this one.
wire cloche
Now that its ready to use keep it just like this and grab the wire basket
wire cloche
Set the wire basket on top of it squeezing it to fit right over it.  
wire cloche
You may need a second pair a hands at this point. While squeezing it use a generous amount of glue and put over the wire all the way around.
wire cloche
Before the glue dries grab that aluminum foil and place over the hot glue. Go back to your wood candle stick and press firmly, It may stick its ok.
wire cloche
Give it a few seconds and make sure the wire and knock out cap is secure. Then peel off the foil. (when gluing don't go over the cap edges or you'll see it on top) also at this time shape it if you need to with the wood candle stick so there are not dents, you want it nice and round.
wire cloche
Now turn the cloche over, it should have a nice clean top.
wire cloche
Grab the knob of your choice and glue it on. You could use a finial or a small animal such as a bird. I have seen many different tops be creative and give it your personal touch.   
wire cloche
Its done, I love it! It turned out just the way I wanted it to look, clean and store bought. I have made a few out of the white and black wire trash cans but you could also paint the basket in a metallic paint for a whole different look. See my post to see how I made the white cloche base out of a Dollar store pizza pan and old couch leg.
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  • Mar32834137
    on Apr 25, 2018

    Couldn’t you use a lid off a can of food?

    • Bonnie B
      on May 18, 2018

      If you use a safety-cut can opener then the edges of both can and lid are kept smooth. I have a hand-held safety-cut opener that I use for this purpose ALL the time. Small can ends such as from tomato paste cans would work great for this. AND you could put a can lid on the inside as well as the outside. Use E-6000 glue to make permanent. That's my go-to glue.

  • Rose Mary Lundy
    on May 29, 2018

    What is a knock out and in what department would one find it?

    • Shelly L Nemeth
      on May 30, 2018

      The electrical apartment at Lowe’s what it’s used for is a plug in electrical box

  • Mob33144517
    on May 30, 2018

    What is it ised for?

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