I need to make a herb garden I want to make it as cheap as possible

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  • GrandmasHouseDIY GrandmasHouseDIY on Apr 26, 2018
    Hi there, most inexpensive way would be to start from seed. I got package of organic herb seeds off of amazon (including 20 different kinds) for only $10! And they all sprouted and are doing well so far.
  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Apr 26, 2018
    Packets of seeds, pots, and potting soil from Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart. You can use inexpensive pots, or find containers you can use as pots if you're planting in containers. Be sure to have drainage holes. If planting in the ground, add some garden soil if you're dirt isn't already ready for planting.
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 26, 2018
    Truthfully, I would go with pots. There are a number of herbs that will take over your herb garden as they get invasive and will crowd out other herbs. I had herbs in my garden for years and now do only in pots. Anything in the mint family will run rampant and is very hard to control, they have very deep roots that spread quickly. Chives you have to remove the flower or seeds before they ripen or they show up all over the garden, the same for dill. I had trouble with oregano spreading rampantly and taking over a whole corner of the garden each season, even after digging it up each spring to a six inch size. I use largish pots, ten to twelve inches and get great plants each year and no fighting to keep boundaries of plants contained. You can also move them wherever you want, I keep mine close to the house for easy use when I need herbs.
  • Dee Dee on Apr 26, 2018
    I definitely recommend starting seeds-I do it every spring. I would use seed starting mix rather than potting soil. I've used both, and using the sterile starting mix has resulted in healthier seedlings. Also, if any neighbors grow perennial herbs-oregano,mints, rosemary, etc.-they would probably be willing to share plants or cuttings.
  • Lana Hassell Lana Hassell on Apr 26, 2018
    That's funny, Nancy. We had the same problem. We garden in containers exclusively now, also. We have lemon and orange trees in containers, too. Most people do not realize that herbs are weeds and they really grow like them😜. Grace, growing them in pots let's you protect them from the weather, too. It is just easier. Good luck.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Apr 26, 2018
    Basil is very easy to grow from seeds.
  • Nan W. Nan W. on Apr 26, 2018
    Terracotta pots... seeds... GOOD potting soil (that is your "splurge") = edible herbs in 4-6 weeks!

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