Easy and Quick Solution for Dog- Proof Litter Box

5 Minutes

In my previous post some people asked what we did for dog-proof litter box. You just need a large storage bin, simple litter box, and some sharp knife. After we made this, I saw online that many other people came up with this:) Anyone has a different suggestion? Right now it works great!!!! :)
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Cut a hole in one side of the bin. Insert litter box towards the other side and that's it :)

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3 questions
  • Drd4223999
    on Jul 18, 2016

    My only problem is that the chihuahua can get through that hole. Any comments on this?

    • Rhonda hesseltine
      on Oct 14, 2016

      Could you put the hole in the top?

    • Lindsey Hero
      on Jun 9, 2018

      Yes! You can put the hole in the top...it is exactly what I did for the same chihuahua reason...you will need to reinforce the lid around the hole that is cut however although not to difficult to do with some 1x4 stock lumber...or anything rigid I would imagine...I also used a bin with two rolly wheels on the end so I can roll the whole thing into the garden for a deep cleaning with the hose when needed....

  • Kristine Scoville
    on Jan 7, 2018

    How large is the blue bin you used?
    • Brandi Munguia
      on May 27, 2018

      Essentially it just needs to be large enough to hold a litter box inside with a little room for the cat to get in and out of it without them standing in the litter box while trying to get in or out. You could also cut the hole at the top of the container if you have little dogs that can also fit through the side door.

    • Neva Barker
      on Aug 1, 2018

      A 30 gl bin is what size I use for my large cat. However I just use the bin itself instead of putting another litter pan inside. That way my large cat never misses the box and therevasbt any extra mess to clean up. I just scoop the bin and monthly totally empty it and clean it out and refill with litter.

  • Adrienne Dale-Barton
    on Aug 18, 2018

    I am just waiting for my kitten which I have never had one before I have a cockapoo & am just worried that she could get into the litter box, I haven't bought anything yet for the kitten,what would suggest,, I have a spare plastic storage box with a lid, do I make an entrance in one end just big enough so my cockapoo can't get into it ???????

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  • Kittie
    on Sep 27, 2016

    top entry boxes are great too. although a small dog could just jump up on it and climb in as well. My german shepherd and black lab no longer get "kitty treats" since I changed to the top entry box. Simple enough to cut a whole in a larger plastic tote with lid. Lay a piece of scrap rug on the lid to catch litter trails.

  • Missy Minor Penalty
    on Jan 5, 2017

    Been doing this for years and have 2 tips: 1)Cut the hole toward the top of the box, so even more of the cats litter will get left in the box (and small dogs can't climb in). 2) Just dump the litter straight in the rubbermaid tub, works especially well if you use scoop-able litter or if you have multiple cats.

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