Are there other uses for worn out, torn. Queen size, fitted sheets?

There is so much material left, since the tear is in only one spot near the bottom of the sheet. How to reuse? All I can think of is protecting garden plants from frost.

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  • You can donate to a quilting group that uses old sheets as quilt backing for charity projects. Check local churches
  • Donate to a quilting group that uses old sheets as quilt backing. Check with your local churches
  • Jan Jan on Apr 27, 2018
    I make pillow cases for my dogs bed. easier to wash than the fluffy bed.
  • Beth Hubley Beth Hubley on Apr 27, 2018
    I used my old sheets as curtain linings, drop cloths, for toting leaves and yard debris to the compost pile. I like the fitted sheets for toting because I can position it so that it helps keep stuff in as I pull it across the yard!
  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Apr 27, 2018
    you can use it for lining blinds, make stuffed toys, pillows, sunshade(sail type)
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 27, 2018
    If it is cotton, you could make them into cleaning cloths, dusting cloths. If it is one that you really liked, you could easily make them into pillow cases, even use them as background on corkboards, pictures, etc. You could even use them for sewing clothes if you want, even doll clothes. I hope this gets more ideas flowing for you.
  • Lisa S. Lisa S. on Apr 27, 2018
    I use them as a box spring cover.