Framed Bathroom Mirror

I've needed to frame my bathroom mirror forever! It ended up to be easier than I thought and I can show you how!
Time: 2 HoursCost: $40Difficulty: Easy
  • framed bathroom mirror
Step one was to measure the mirror. I cut my trim moulding to size then mitered the corners using a chop saw at 45 degrees.
  • framed bathroom mirror
I fit the corners together with wood glue and L brackets on the back. When the glue was dry I used wood putty to fill the crack.
  • framed bathroom mirror
The frame was now ready to attach to the mirror. I used construction adhesive and clamps (including some very creative ones you can check out in my original post at to hold the frame to the mirror for 24 hours.
  • framed bathroom mirror
When the glue was dry I painted the frame with the same paint as the wainscoting. You can paint the frame before or after you hang it. I chose to paint it after it was on the wall in case any of the tape or clamps damaged the paint.

The project was super simple and I wish I hadn't waited so long to do it.

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  • Webracing99
    on Apr 29, 2018

    I did the same to my bathroom mirror but instead of using construction adhesive are used Scotch’s 1 inch extreme adhesive double sided tape. You can get it from any hardware store. Saves all that clamping to hold the mirror in place until the adhesive dries. But I love the ingenuity you used to hold your frame in place while you’re at adhesive dried. Especially the tension rods.

      • Homeroad
        Homeroad Huntington, NY
        on Apr 29, 2018

        Haha Thanks so much! The tension rods were perfect for the corners! LOL The adhesive tape sounds like a great idea too!

      • Elkesabia
        on Apr 29, 2018

        I will try this in our new home. Huge mirror but no frame