Brown Paper Flooring...A Facelift For My Bedroom Floor

I share with you my journey of renovations, creative style...
This is what the floor looked like the first time I walked in my house...ugh...
Buh-Bye peel and stick tile...
Let's get this party started!!!
Did I say that I LOVE progress!!!
All the paper is glued down and dry!!!
After 5 coats of Varathane Brand polyurethane, I'm calling this baby DONE!!! I love, Love, LOVE my new floor!!!! I gives such a warm feel to my bedroom!!!
The Krafty Krone
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  • Could i use texured or smooth wallpaper. I'd really like to do this project but i need a much lighter color floor. Any ideas
  • Pam31694561 Pam31694561 on Nov 18, 2017
    I too want to use this floor in my bathroom. Has anyone tried it in a bathroom? Is the floor slippery? Should any changes be made to the process? I intend to apply the paper and paint it, should still apply the poly, if so, what type?
  • Christina Jonas Christina Jonas on Dec 20, 2017
    Wow!!!! I’ve just come across your sire and this project, and I’ve renovating my first home for months here in Greece, completely upgrading an old 1964 building apartment, and though I’ve had rhe main woodwn floors redone, the entrance and hall area - typical for most apartments In Athens - have local marble. Worth a small fortune but was ignored over the years by previous owners, and doesnmt match the new feel of my house and the new floors elsewhere. Short of wasting money ripping it up unnecessarily, the only option I’ve had is getting laminate flooring, but none of the designs and colours in any store match or take my fancy for my home, and thanks you all, I believe I now have a new - and helpfully - much less expensive option that could look wonderful with a colour or wallpaper (?) I choose!!! So thank you first of all!! But my burning question, is: What exactly do I need to BUY (keep in mind I’m keen but inexperienced in a lot of DIY, though I do have great patience and pay attention to care and detail)?? In other words, I assume any craft paper or wall paper would actually do (without any sticky backing(?)).. what exactly is the type of glue firstly.. and then, if I was to paint white paper to a colour I liked, I do this when in the process? Is there a special type of paint? what glue stick paper or wall paper to marble? I use a woollen roller is that right? how do you make the glue even - do you mix it with water - do you do this with all glues?? what type of glue do i ask for or what does it look like? (again, in Greece, so nobody will understand this project so I need to know exactly what I’m going to have to get becore I go shopping because all the tradesmen will balk at me when they insist of asking why on earth I’d want to stick paper to marble.. (I already deal with enough gender stereotyping in my culture, I don’t need to be judged as some ‘stupid’ woman too..) and lastly, after I glue as I go, do I go over it all again with glue and then what.. varnish .. it?? Sorry for the long post, but I wouLd LOOOVE to do this and show them all just how much better I can do it myself!! :) (pretty please, help? :P )


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