DIY Wedding Flower Centerpieces

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Use this quick and easy tutorial to make your own wedding centerpieces. You can find all of the premium silk flowers in your wedding colors at
First, let's look at how to to create a reception table centerpiece with an inexpensive, basic design bowl. This will give us the structure and shape to create a low floral arrangement.
You will need:
- a plastic double design bowl in green (measuring 10.5″ long and 4″ wide)
- a styrofoam block
- assorted silk flowers
Depending on the size of your styrofoam or floral foam block trim it to fit the design bowl. You can do this using a simple kitchen knife. Secure the foam to the plastic container with several dabs of adhesive or hot glue.
Trim assorted silk flower stems to about 3 1/2″- 4″ long. Remember that the foam and container are about 3″ deep.
Begin placing stems in foam. Start with the main type of flower then add secondary flowers, finishing with filler flowers and greenery. Tip: arrange floral stems at varying heights to add depth to the arrangement.
The this next product gives us the flexibility to take on height. The round floral container for pillars is the perfect foundation for a tall flower arrangement.
For this tall white hydrangea and orchid centerpiece you will need:
- a round floral container for pillars
- a styrofoam half ball
- artificial hydrangea and orchid stems
Secure the styrofoam half ball to the plastic container using adhesive or hot glue.
Trim hydrangea flower stems to about 2″ long. The styrofoam ball is 1-7/8″ tall.
Push the hydrangea stems into the styrofoam, covering all surfaces of the foam.
Now for the orchids! To create a romantic cascade you will need to trim some of the stem. Begin by visually measuring how far they cascade from the arrangement and trim the stem accordingly. Insert orchid stems into the foam evenly around the arrangement until you have achieved the desired look.
Lastly, place the finished flower arrangement on the round floral container into the vase or pillar to complete the centerpiece.
Tip: When creating tall arrangements make sure the vase is weighted or secured at the base so not to easily tip over once on the table.
With a few tips and the right products to use as the foundation for your DIY flower arrangements you’ll get the perfect look for your wedding day.

Suggested materials:

  • Floral Foam   (
  • Plastic Floral Containers   (
  • Premium Silk Wedding Flowers   (

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