Mason Jar Herb Garden

This mason jar herb garden idea comes in handy particularly if you don't have much room for a traditional outdoor garden. It also comes in handy if you have a dog that tends to dig up the plants out of the garden about as fast as you plant them! An herb garden is such a great way to add fresh flavors and medicinal value to your cooking. This mason jar herb garden is easy, cute, and fun to make with kids. You can use it to give you extra growing room around the edge of your small garden. Check out my Pinterest Garden Board for even more gardening ideas!
Time: 20 MinutesCost: $20Difficulty: Easy
  • mason jar herb garden
Gather your supplies and head to a work space.
  • mason jar herb garden
Mark a spot on your wood piece where you want the hose clamp ring to hold the mason jar.  Mark a spot inside the hose clamp where you want it to attach to the wood piece.
  • mason jar herb garden
Use a nail or a tap to place a small hole in the clamp where you marked it. Using the drill, add a small hole where you’ve marked the wood so the screw will not split the wood when it’s put in place. Then screw the clamp into place.
  • mason jar herb garden
Transfer you herb plant into the mason jar. Add soil around the herb start, if needed.

Pound the stake into the ground near your deck or anywhere you like.
Slip the mason jar into the clamp and use a screw driver to tighten until the mason jar doesn’t slip and is secure.

If you don't have enough any yard, then you may wish to try an indoor window garden instead.

What are your favorite herbs to plant for cooking?

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