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Episode 2: Turning Old Kitchen Cabinets Into New Beauties

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After 27 years living with her plain wood kitchen cabinets, Tina was ready for a change. She had a vision for her cabinets in mind, but she didn't know how to turn that vision into a gorgeous reality, so she asked Hometalk DIYer Amber to come to her home and help her get started.
Check out Episode 2 of DIY Nearby to see how Tina, with the help of DIYer Amber, completely transformed her kitchen cabinets with an amazing technique!

What's holding you back from giving your cabinets a makeover? Share your DIY challenges with us in the comments!

Suggested materials:

  • Paint
  • Wax

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  • Grettagarbo1@windstream,net
    on May 15, 2018

    when are you going to be in fla area?

  • Sandra Watson
    on May 16, 2018

    I have plastic coated white kitchen cabinets. Can they be painted once the coating is removed? The coating is peeling in spots.

    • Stevie Johnson
      on Jun 19, 2018

      I wouldn't peel off that coating. You are liable to take chunks of the backing w/ it & make a bigger problem. I would glue & clamp the loose spots till dry. 24 hrs ought to do it, but read the container. The glue should be able to bond both wood & plastics. MayI say "porous & non-porous materials" & then a list of them. Patch holes, missing sections of the coating, w/ Bondo. A filler for auto body repair. Find that at Wal-Mart in the auto section. Cheaper than a motor supply. Sand it smooth. Good to sand all that plastic, too. If it's dull your paint will stick better. They make paint for furniture. I used it on a shiny waterbed frame. it said no sanding needed, but I sanded anyway. After a few yrs, it had several chips. I repainted, using an oil base (alkyd) primer & oil base paint & it stayed on far better. Painting was my business. I never had an oil base paint or primer damage any surface, including plastic shutters. A lot has changed, though, so I encourage you to test anything you plan on using, no matter what the label says. A little tip to help w/ chips. Alw she try to "wrap" your paint past the point you wanted to stop. On your cabinet drawers, for example. if the insides are nice, you likely aren't going to paint them. rather than simply painting the face (outside) of the drawers, paint over the edge, down to that little corner where the face is attached to the box that is the drawer. On some it may mean painting the entire back of the face. On others it will just be that extra little bit. You don't have an edge that is easier to chip than the wrap. Almost like trying to tear a rag from the middle vs from the outside.

  • Judy
    on Jun 20, 2018

    What is the paint to glaze ratio?

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