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Dear Hometalk
Dear Hometalk
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Dear Hometalk: How Can I Decorate With White Twin Sheets?

15 Materials
2 Hours

Have some plain white sheets lying around? Check out these incredible ways to put them to good use!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

You can also pick up a few cheap flat sheets at Walmart. I grabbed some white ones to use for my decorating.

how can i decorate with white twin sheets


First, grab your sheet & wash it. I washed mine with 2 Tablespoons of Vinegar, hot water & dish soap. (You can also use soda ash, but I had the other ingredients on hand!) This will allow the fabric to release fabric softeners & prepare to dye. You will want to mix your sheets around in the mixture to distribute it. Then let sit for at least 5-10 minutes. After it has set, rinse the fabric out with water.

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

Next, grab a bin & place a cooling rack on top. After rinsing & squeezing out the water, fold & place the sheet on top of the cooling rack. Add ice to the top of the sheet & begin distributing the dye. I used liquid dye, but powder dye also works!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

Let the dye sit & the ice melt (you can also melt the ice with a hair dryer).

***Please note that different fabrics takes dyes differently. As you can see mine did not turn navy blue. But sometimes the unexpected can be just as good! 

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

Finally, dry your fabric & hang on the wall with push pins. The big blank wall behind our couch is no more! 

This would also be a great picnic blanket or tablecloth!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets


First, print out some outlines of whatever shape you want. You can get these images off of google or a coloring book. I chose to use palm leaves, but you could use any outline you want! Flowers, shapes, etc.

After you have your outline, use painter's tape to tape it onto a pice of card stock. I chose card stock because it's super easy to cut thorough, but this stencil will only be for one project use. If you want a lasting stencil I would suggest card board, plastic, or another firm surface. Cut out the shape with a craft knife & you've made your stencil!

Next, lay the sheet out on the floor. Be sure to put newspaper or cardboard underneath so the paint doesn't seep through. I also taped the edges of my sheet down so the stencils would be easier to control!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

After that you can add tape to each side of your stencil & begin adding paint! I used acrylic craft paint because I was just using this for wall art, but you can also use fabric paint as well.

After you've finished applying all of your shapes to the fabric, let it dry & hang up your tapestry! I hung mine with push pins.

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

I love how this super fun tapestry brightens up my walls! This would also be a great photo backdrop for a summer party! 

how can i decorate with white twin sheets


First, grab your sheets & clamp on some Curtain Clip Rings to the top of the sheet. Next, added them to a tension rod & there you have some long cheap curtains!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

These would also be great as a room divider if you hung a long tension rod or used hooks & rope to stretch across the room.

And taa-daa!   Here you have some cheap long curtains!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets


First, grab a dollar store hanging planter, a sheet, & some LED lights to make this awesome canopy! Simply screw a hook into the ceiling to hang the planter & tuck the sheet & LED lights into it.

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

**Please note that you only want to use LED lights because they won't heat up & case a hazard!

how can i decorate with white twin sheets

This canopy adds such a cozy touch to my room!

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  • Em
    on Dec 14, 2018

    did you ever think of making a frame out of some reclaimed wood (for free) and tacking the sheets on to it to make a frame behind it so it looks more like art work than just a sheet you hang on the wall?

    • Tina kline
      on Jan 25, 2019

      Or combine it with the next idea and use them for inexpensive kids room curtains....painted with your kids favs or by your kids.

  • Lucille Rella Laden
    on Dec 21, 2018

    My son has a large living-dining kitchen ... all open space .. with no windows and 20 foot ceiling ... it is a major echo chamber .. would a project like this help reduce the echo effect ?

    • Joyce Farmer-Smith
      on Dec 21, 2018

      google ir you tube "sound proofing" a room. They have a video that shows how to stop echoing using a frame and towels, cover the towels with a print and now you have a piece of art that serves a purpose.

  • Jill Jenkins
    on Dec 21, 2018

    Where did the backsplash come from?

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  • Cindy Butler Dorthy
    on Dec 22, 2018

    Also works nicely to have kids decorate with handprints for a birthday party and use as the child’s birthday tablecloth each year (I cover in thin clear plastic , prior to use for protection of design )

  • Bren Freeman
    on Dec 23, 2018

    It would be a great idea for an up-cycle of sheets found at a thrift store!

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