DIY Herb Garden Ladder Planter

Have you always wanted to plant your own herb garden but haven't found the time? Maybe this project using Outdoor Mod Podge will spur on your creative skills to start one this year!! I wanted to really personalize my planter and make it unique. This is such an easy mod podge project that anyone can do and you can personalize it in any color or pattern combination that you like! Let’s see how to make this Herb Ladder Planter.

What you need:
Ikea Satsumas Ladder and planters (comes with 5)
FolkArt Multi Surface Paint in Titanium White and Charcoal Black
Mod Podge Outdoor Formula
Fabrics of Choice
Mod Podge Brushes
Optional: Mod Podge Hard Coat

Time: 72 HoursCost: $50Difficulty: Easy
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
So I started by painting my ladder rungs black and white using FolkArt Multi-Surface Craft Paint. I did two thick coats on each rung of the ladder and let dry overnight.

Next I used my Outdoor Mod Podge   formula and went over the ladder rungs with a thick coat of Outdoor Mod Podge. This will protect the paint from the outdoor elements and keep it looking great!! I love to use my Mod Podge Brush set for this because the Mod Podge goes on so easily and smoothly using them.
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
Next let your ladder rungs dry for 72 hours and get started on your pots that come with the ladder. I chose three black and white fabrics and got to work cutting them about 1 1/2″ bigger than the edges of the pot so that you can tuck the edges under.
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
I apply a thick coat of Outdoor Mod Podge directly onto the pot, then lay the fabric down on top and smooth out the wrinkles. I then apply mod podge to the edges and about 1″ into the inside of the pot and gently smooth the fabric into into the pot and across the bottom. Once the fabric is in place, use a thick layer of Outdoor Mod Podge to completely cover the fabric top to bottom.

I repeated this step for three of my pots and set them aside to dry. Let your pots dry for 72 hours before placing outside.
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
Fill your pots with dirt and herbs of choice (I used cilantro, mint, basil, and oregano), hook your pots over the ladder and tada you have an awesome herb garden at your fingertips!!
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
  • diy herb garden ladder planter
See the full tutorial with links to products used at my blog link below!

Suggested materials for this project:

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Abbey D

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  • Sandra Crosbie
    Sandra Crosbie Ireland
    on May 8, 2018

    They look lovely. Something so blah!!! Into pretty and interesting. Great idea.👏👏👍👍🐙

    • Bromlowd
      on May 8, 2018

      Love it ! I'm on a low fixed income and will be able to afford this, so thanks for an inexpensive fix. I call my craft addictions ' a fix '. Have a lovely week.