9 Decorating Ideas to Spruce up Your Kid’s Room

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You don’t need to have a degree in parenting to learn and develop a child’s psychology; rather it’s important to pay attention to the minute details as to what a kid likes and how he/she can be motivated. Not only creative spaces but creative atmosphere is required for exploring children’s creativity. Innovation and creativity must be encouraged and celebrated, which can be done right from the place where kids live.

The journey of a child starts from the cradle. A kid’s bedroom must be comfortable and functional that should be pleasant for the kids to live in. Most of the kids are not born with inborn talent; it has to be created within them by developing skills and interests. There are several decorating ideas that give them a feeling of excitement, learning, and developing.

1. Themed ceiling fans
Ceiling fans make a great addition to a kid’s bedroom. They enhance the beauty of the room and act as an attraction for every child from different age groups. Manufacturers provide kids ceiling fans to match the wall décor of the child’s room, thus adding an imaginative touch to the room. A child in a cradle loves the moving colorful fan with different designs that help in cognitive development of a child. Rainbow and sunflower themed fans go well with kids.

2. Decorating the ceilings
There are paints and stickers that glow in the dark at night. Painting objects like stars, moon, and planets on the ceiling or sticking glowing universe and celestial body stickers add elegance to the room. It also helps kids in learning through enjoyment and curiosity.

3. Wall stickers and decals
Nowadays fabulous wall ideas and stickers are easily available in art and craft stores. Dinosaur decals, pandas on branch wall decals, peel and stick wall alphabet stickers, outer space wall decals, polka dots wall decal, penguin wall stickers, and confetti kids’ wall decals are some of the interesting examples.

Stickers are usually useful for people staying in rented house as they are unable to paint the walls. Wall decals can be removed anytime, say for instance, when your child grows up and asks for something else related to his/her studies. They are used to paint a certain portion of the room or even the entire room as your child wants.

4. Growth chart
Growth charts with animations are easy to apply on the wall with measurements on them. They help kids check their height and weight and note it down. They create self-awareness about one’s health and make them fitness conscious right from the young age. They help in inculcating healthy eating habits in themselves to maintain proper weight according to the age.

5. Shelves, closet, and storage
It’s always recommended to keep low height storage, shelves, and kids closets so that they can pull out their stuff easily. White and pink colored storages look good for a kid’s room.

Lower height closets eliminate the risk of a kid falling down while trying to reach out for his/her items. Kids learn to organize their own things, thus developing a sense of discipline. When the playtime is over, they see to it that all their toys are placed at proper place. For a child who can read, you can put labels on the drawers indicating the items to be kept in them. Always keep a footstool for safety.

6. Adjustable beds
They give a refreshing and enticing look to the children’s bedroom. Adjustable beds save the space and are more functional and they are good for smaller rooms.

7. Space utilization for grown-up kids
Once a child starts going to primary school - his school books, clothes, accessories, everything begins to pile up. A warm, silent and comfortable place is needed for focused studies and a relaxing area for taking rest. The best solution is a simple desk with a good posture adjustable chair and shelves for keeping books.

8. Separate beds
Where rooms are large and extra adjustments can be easily made, separate beds can be placed. A beautiful colored curtain adds beauty to the room by acting as a divider between the two beds.

9. Painting a room
A well painted room not only increases the aesthetic value but also helps in developing emotional well-being, productivity and behavior.

As your child grows up, be sure to keep his/her interests in mind while decorating the room. This will make the decoration more meaningful.

Suggested materials:

  • Beds
  • Shelves, closet

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