How do you get commercial grade glue off a wall?

Our entryway was wallpapered with a commercial grade wall paper and glued. I tore off the wall paper but can't get off the glue. Any suggestions that would be easy to remove it? Its a flaky type residue now.

q how do you get commercial grade glue off a wall
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  • Teacup8885 Teacup8885 on May 12, 2018
    Heat gun? Or wallpaper steamer?
  • Randy Randy on May 12, 2018
    try some hand cleaner ,GoJo or Goop are 2 popular brand names in my area.Saturate the glue , Rub with something like a toothbrush. W-D 40 work well on subfloor adhesive, liquid nails , used to clean tools and hands when our crew bilt decks.
  • Deb Deb on May 12, 2018
    maybe a product that is used to remove glue from flooring.. I used it to remove glue from the lineoleum in a kitchen..
  • Barbdella Barbdella on May 12, 2018
    Spray with wallpaper remover, let sit, scrape.

  • Shirley Miller Shirley Miller on May 12, 2018
    Is it wallboard and was it primed prior to putting the wall covering up? Our wall covering was put up on unpainted wallboard and when we removed it after soaking, scraping etc, we had gouges and pieces taken out of the surface, which had spray texturing. Our painter just removed as much as he could and had the walls resprayed with texture which was the easier thing to do.
  • Shedog Shedog on May 12, 2018
    It sounds like the paper was put up on unprimed Sheetrock. If you don't want to refinish the Sheetrock you could sand the walls and remove as much glue as possible, then prime. To make the sanding less tedious get a Sheetrock sander and mesh screens, the long pole eliminates the need for a ladder, and standing on your head. When the wall feels smooth put on two coats of killz II. The walls are ready to paint or paper.
  • Brenda Mitchell Brenda Mitchell on May 13, 2018
    I had the same problem. I had spent many hours with a steamer and wallpaper removers. I happened to use a baby wipe to remove some of the scraped glue off and realized the did better than anything I had tried. Thereafter I patted 4 or 6 wipes on the wall and let them set 20 minutes. I peeled them off and the glue scrapped off very easy with a scraper. Wish I had discovered earlier in the project.
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