Looking for a way to display fans.

I have several fans from the 1950's (maybe 40's - not sure) and I want to display them in a way that both sides can be seen, since the writing on the back, especially the phone numbers, are so telling of the time. Any ideas would be much appreciated.
q looking for a way to display fans
q looking for a way to display fans
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  • Amy Ogden-Paparone Amy Ogden-Paparone on May 13, 2018
    Hi June,
    How about setting them in an antique bowl or basket so that you and others can pick them up and look at them in hand? These are really great and I can't think of any way to display them to be seen and be appreciated than to actually be held and read and tried.
    • June June on May 13, 2018
      Hi Amy, I actually did something similar a couple years ago but we would have company with kids who thought they were toys. And of course some parents say nothing. Thanks for replying.
  • Display case with a mirror backing
    • June June on May 13, 2018
      That's a good idea. Do you mean similar to a shadow box?
  • Jody Jody on May 13, 2018
    Arrange them on a room divider that has mesh screening in the panels. That way both sides can be seen. Put some on each side of the divider!
    • June June on May 13, 2018
      Jody, I think I might actually do that. I have a corner could benefit from a screen. Question; what else do you think would look good with it? I will have to use some other type of material as I only have 5 fans.
  • Maybe place them in big frames To make like some sort of collage or something out of them. This would also protect them from damage in the future. I love your collection ❀️ My great grandmother used to have fans lying around her house like that. 😊
    • June June on May 13, 2018
      HiGerbdsy2, These were from my grandmother's house as well. I actually bought a large frame from a thrift store a few years ago with that in mind. Just couldn't get the look I was going for and after many hours arranging and rearranging, I gave up.
  • Emily Emily on May 13, 2018
    Why not frame them between two sheets of plexiglass? You could either then use a wooden frame or maybe have holes drilled in the plexiglass to hang in an open space
  • Maybe... Or you could build a box out of picture frames with a mirror in the back.? I don't know...
  • Jody Jody on May 13, 2018
    Try vintage purses too! Some are very pretty with floral patterns. You could also display vintage gloves, hats, and corsage (fake) flowers. Mix it up and have fun looking for items that will work together!
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