Shirt Buttons to Starry Mirror

I wanted to make a mirror, I like using recycled items in my craft.
I found lots of shirt buttons the same size.
I also found some mirrors in the shape of stars. I decided to use these, but wasn't sure on how.

Time: 2 HoursCost: $1Difficulty: Easy
I took a newspaper and drawed around the star mirror.
I then drawed lines across from points across the middle and through the middle of the arc shape. I then folded on each line. I measured out 5cm from each point. Then joined each dot , this made a pentagon.
My husband used this pattern to cut out of wood.

I put the mirror in the middle, I drew around it.
I had drawn on the wood to find the middle to help with positioning.

My husband cut it out with a
jigsaw, he then drilled a hole to allow me to hang it.
I started by sticking the mirror on the wood with pink stuff glue.
I then started to lay on the buttons, when I had gone all-around and was happy with the arrangement, I stuck them down with PVA.
I used glue and seed beads to fill in the gaps. I cleaned the mirror with a cleaning wipe.

Suggested materials for this project:

  • Mirror coaster, shirt buttons, PVA glue, seed beads, wood, pinkstuff glue.  (Carboot and charity shops. Glue from amazon)

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